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5 Designer Handbags Every Woman Should Own

Collecting handbags is quite a fun affair for all fashionistas. If you are brand conscious and love to shop for accessories, footwear and luxury handbags, then this article will definitely please to. In today’s post, we are going to talk about designer handbags, what’s selling in the market and ones you should definitely have this year!

Marc Jacobs Handbag

Marc Jacobs Handbag is probably every fashionistas dream. The brand became famous after the Carolyn Crocodile handbag came into existence. At the cost of fifty thousand dollars, this bag definitely rocked the world. The price not only swayed all its customers but also helped the brand become more and more popular. After serving Louis Vuitton for years, Marc Jacobs started his own fashion brand and emerged as one of the richest fashion designers of the world. His business is now expanded all over the globe.


Another luxury brand and label that will excite every bag collector is the one and only Prada. This Italian fashion house was established back in the year 1913 and has been popular ever since. The handbags are considered to be the most elite and has also produced some of the best accessories, footwear, jewelleries, handbags and watches from around the world. Prada exhibits style and rocks the world every year with its Milan Fashion week. The fancy bags, clothes and accessories flaunted by  this brand has definitely caught our attention.

Lana Marks

If you love bags and havent bought a Lana Marks yet, you surely havent had the best. From Lizard to ostrich to alligator and crocodiles, J Marks has been designing some of the most classy, chic and trendy bags you would love to own. It has about a hundred and fifty styles and comes with hundreds of variants and a must for all celebrities who love donning their appearance with the best and most stylish bags of the world. Some of the biggest celebrities of the world such as Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston and Elizabeth Taylor have loved these bags and we bet you would love to have them too.


Hermes, one of the most popular brands of the world got popular after the Matte Crocodile Biking bag which was named after singer and actor Jane Birkin. The bag cost a whopping hundred and twenty thousand dollars and was surely worth the money. The iconic bags produced by Hermes over the past few years have stood as a symbol of status and wealth. Apart from being made of crocodile leather, the bag comes with a diamond studded clasp and ten carats of diamonds too.

Saint Laurent

Another fashion brand you must choose a bag from is Saint Laurent. Now Saint Laurentbags are rare! They are so beautiful and enticing to look at, you wouldn’t want to have a bag from anywhere else. The bags are appealing to the eyes, are good in terms of quality and have that class and sophistication you have always wanted. So if you want the best, choose only Saint Laurent. For more details check out: